Dave Gross



I cannot imagine having a better Realtor to sell your house.

"Since I had moved to Oklahoma much earlier than was planned, David had to work with an absentee owner. He worked beyond expectations many times to keep the process moving. At the house, he met and supervised landscaping men, electricians, septic tank repair men, driveway repair men, cleaners, plumbers, exterminators, wild life removers, and the list goes on. He gently helped me with the process of dealing with the paperwork as an absentee owner. Additionally, he was able to work thru the process of setting up power of attorney so that my ex-husband could attend the closing for me.
David was a joy to work with during the arduous selling process. He was also able to sell the house within four hours of the listing. And, get the closing done on time. I cannot imagine having a better realtor to sell your house."

- Marietta, GA

We never could have gotten our dream home without him!

"I am writing to express my pleasure with real estate agent Mr. Dave Gross, who represented us in my recent purchase of a single-family home.

Mr. Dave Gross guided me through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal.
This is our third purchase of property, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Mr. Dave Gross is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We never could have gotten our dream home without him."

- Marietta, GA